PE Switch Mode Rectifiers

Why Invest in PE?

POWER STATION rectifiers and POWER PULSE-REVERSE power supplies made by Plating Electronic are designed precisely to meet the rising demands of electroplating processes. Innovative technologies and impressive performances, such as the digital switch mode technology offer a high degree of efficiency, minimum residual ripple and peak control accuracy. These features all open up new opportunities, process consistency and the accuracy of your coating systems. The ultra-compact construction of the power sources with water cooling and the variety of air-cooled power supplies smooth the way for new, efficient system designs. All this makes plating electronic power supply units the first choice in surface finishing and electroplating technologies.

  • Digitally Signal Control (DSP) – Superior performance & unlimited external control options
  • No more rectifier cubes and ongoing maintenance!

Explore the Innovation

Explore the depth of our product range in the menu below. Be it POWER STATION DC rectifiers or POWER PULSE-REVERSE power supplies, control units, controllers or accessories – we establish your complete turnkey power supply package to ensure maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of Plating Electronic

air cooled switch mode rectifier model pe4606-3

Switch Mode Technology

  • Reliable, globally recognized and robust technology and is ideally suited for use in electroplating and industrial applications.
  • Air or Water-cooled DC and Pulse power supplies can also be easily integrated into a control system.

Digital Control (DSP Controlled)

  • Utilizing the most up-to-date technology and employing digital controls in our power supplies.
  • Our devices are characterized by excellent control accuracy and extremely low ripple.
  • Quick and easy connection to control units or to current BUS interfaces.