Water Cooled Rectifiers

Water-cooled rectifiers are invaluable assets in industrial settings where maintaining stable operating temperatures is paramount. These rectifiers utilize water as a cooling medium to dissipate heat generated during operation, ensuring reliable performance and extending equipment lifespan.


Up To 20KW
Up To 1,200A
Up To 1,000V


Up To 40KW
Up To 2,000A
Up To 1,000V

water cooled switch mode rectifier model pe5910

Up To 200KW
Up To 10,000A
Up To 1,000V

Understanding the right conditions for employing this type of cooling technology is essential for maximizing efficiency and productivity in various applications:

  1. High Heat Loads:

Water-cooled rectifiers excel in environments with high heat loads. Industries such as metal plating, semiconductor manufacturing, and electrolysis often generate substantial heat during operation, necessitating efficient cooling solutions to maintain optimal operating temperatures. 

  1. Space Constraints:

In facilities with limited space or crowded equipment layouts, water-cooled rectifiers offer a compact and space-efficient cooling solution. Unlike air-cooled systems that require ample space for heat dissipation, those cooled by water can be installed in confined spaces without compromising performance. Their streamlined design and efficient cooling mechanism make them ideal for installations where space is at a premium.

  1. Consistent Cooling:

Water-cooled rectifiers provide consistent and uniform cooling across all components, ensuring stable operation under varying load conditions. The continuous flow of water maintains consistent temperatures throughout the rectifier, minimizing temperature fluctuations and thermal stress on critical components. This uniform cooling capability enhances system reliability and prolongs equipment lifespan, reducing the risk of component failure and costly downtime.

  1. High Ambient Temperatures:

In environments characterized by high ambient temperatures, such as foundries or industrial processing plants, water cooled rectifiers offer superior cooling efficiency compared to air-cooled counterparts. Water’s high heat capacity enables efficient heat transfer, even in hot environments, ensuring reliable operation without risk of overheating. These rectifiers are well-suited for applications where ambient temperatures pose a challenge to equipment performance.

  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Water-cooled rectifiers typically operate at higher energy efficiencies compared to air-cooled systems, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs. By efficiently dissipating heat through water cooling, these rectifiers minimize energy losses associated with heat generation, leading to improved overall system efficiency. This energy-saving feature benefits industries striving to optimize energy utilization and reduce environmental impact.

From handling high heat loads to operating in confined spaces and high ambient temperatures, water-cooled rectifiers excel in diverse environments, providing consistent cooling and energy efficiency. By understanding the right conditions for their use, industries can harness benefits that enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and achieve long-term cost savings.

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