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pe87 Color
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FROM 50A UP TO 10,000A
DC and AC operation

Our pe87 coloring unit in the latest switch mode Power Supply technology, with water cooling, is the ideal compact power supply for the anodizing process, as well as for electrolytically coloring aluminum using the two-steps process in either AC or DC/AC. It is possible to increase the power output by parallel connection such that the pe87 color series can cover a wide range of applications.

The new energy saving technology combined with the easy to operate coloring controller manufactured by plating electronic GmbH ensures uniform coloring results for the following processes:

  • Electrolytic coloring of aluminum using the two-steps process: AC or DC/AC method
  • Modification of pore structure for interference coloring of aluminum
  • Anodizing in DC mode, e.g. in laboratories


What makes our coloring rectifiers different?

Process dark colors up to 35% quicker than conventional power supplies. Process lighter colors with exact batch color matching.


You define the color and the process time!

e.g. EURAS black (with normal concentration/metallic salt) in approx. 6 min

Light colors:

  • Lengthen short coloring times
  • Higher process reliability


Dark colors:

  • Shorten long coloring times
  • Energy saving,
  • Productivity increase